New Zealand


Rotorua is like nowhere else with its geysers of hissing, steaming water roaring from deep within the earth’s crust and its pools of bubbling mud. 


When explaining the appeal of their region, the people of Rotorua like to talk of five spirits:

Feel the spirit of the earth, as it rumbles beneath your feet and escapes, hissing, through fumaroles and geysers.

Witness the spirit of Maori culture, with authentic village and performance experiences. (Experiencing a Maori concert performance and Hangi meal is an essential part of a Rotorua visit).

Rejuvenate your spirit in a natural hot spring or with a relaxing massage. Geothermal waters, mineral enriched mud, Maori Massage and indigenous herbs play a special role in local spa culture.

Free your spirit with outdoor adventures - trout fishing, kayaking, hiking and mountain biking

Challenge your spirit with adrenalin-charged extreme activities such as sky-diving and jet boating.


See a myriad of crystal clear lakes and experience nature's awesome earth forces alongside the life and pastimes of the Maori.

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