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Accommodation Showcase

We've showcased only some of the accommodation choices available in New Zealand. 

Please add a note to your Enquiry if there is something in particular you are looking for.

Standard Hotels (3-3.5 star):    Entry level comfortable and affordable accommodation representing excellent value for money.
Superior Hotels  (3.5-4 star):    Mid-level accommodation offering comfort plus convenience and a good range of services and facilities.
First Class Hotels  (4-5 star):    High quality accommodation, well located with excellent services and a large range of facilities.                 
Boutique Stays:                                Small, personalised accommodation with a distinct personality and providing an intimate stay experience.
Motels & Apartments:                 Studio, one or two bedroom, self-catering accommodation with kitchen and laundry facilities.
Luxury Lodges:                                 Top of the range lodges set in outstanding locations.

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