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Australia bubble

Welcome Australia!

At last, the day has come when you can stop dreaming about New Zealand and go!

New Zealand Film Locations from Tourism New Zealand

A snapshot of New Zealand film locations you might have missed.

Hooker Valley

A Message from New Zealand

What should you expect to see in New Zealand?

New Zealand's Stunning Landscapes

Reflections from a writer, illustrator and photographer.



The quiet beauty of Kaikoura by National Geographic.

The Mighty Waikato

The Mighty Waikato

Only a wink and a nod away lie lush, green pastures and special delights.



Where vines and waterways bring fresh seafood and world famous wine.


Revealing Wanaka

A relaxed natural playground full of adventure opportunities.

Fiordland - Beyond Belief

Fiordland - Beyond Belief

Here ancient lands deliver remote drama ready for discovery.

Chasing Waterfalls

Milford Sound

Where steep plunging cliffs and playful waterfalls meet soulful inky waters.

Queenstown - Things to Do

Queenstown - Things to Do

Queenstown - carved by glaciers, rivers and lakes, now shaped by adventurers.

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