New Zealand

Christchurch Gondola

Location:Christchurch & Canterbury

Soar suspended above the suburbs as the birds fly beneath your cabin. The Christchurch Gondola whisks you nearly a kilometre to the Crater Rim. The Port Hills, a collapsed crater rim of an extinct volcano which exploded six million years ago, shelters Lyttelton’s sparkling harbour. To the west, the Southern Alps seem close in the clear pure air and to the East, the ocean and the sky stretch as far as the eye can see.

Experience the Time Tunnel, a dramatic reconstruction of the history of the Port Hills and Christchurch. Watch subterranean forces unleash molten magma to rip rocks apart. See life-size dioramas of the early voyagers, Polynesian and then European, making landfall after months of travel.

Opening hours

  • Summer (1st October to 31st March) 10am - 5pm
  • Winter (1st April to 30th September) 10am - 5pm

The trip takes 10 minutes at normal speed. We stop each gondola at the summit and base to allow you to get on or off.

The Base station of the Welcome Aboard Gondola is nestled in Heathcote Valley, and the Summit Station and Time Tunnel at the top of Mt Cavendish. You will find plenty of parking at the base.

A frequent shuttle bus provides return transport from the City centre to the Gondola Base Station. The bus departs from the outside the i-Site visitor centre and Canterbury Museum on Rolleston Avenue at 40 minutes past the hour each hour from 9.40am until 3.40pm. It returns to the city from the Gondola on the hour each hour until 5pm.

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