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Rotorua Canopy Tours


This is the ONLY native forest zipline canopy tour in New Zealand and it is incredible - it’s high, it’s fun, it’s beautiful, it’s peaceful and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life!! And it’s suitable for almost everyone!! Embark on a magical journey through untouched native New Zealand forest from an unexplored perspective.

High amongst ancient trees this 3 hour adventure combines fun and excitment with pristine natural beauty.

  • Small Group, unforgettable Eco Tourism Adventure – this is NOT mass tourism
  • 2 awesome, highly trained and knowledgeable guides to escort you
  • Travel a 1.2 kilometre network of ziplines, swingbridges, treetop platforms and walking trails deep in virgin New Zealand native forest
  • 6 Zipline/Flying fox flights up to 220 metres long and 40 metres above forest floor
  • Treetop platforms perched 22 metres up 500 year old trees
  • Tree to tree swingbridges up to 50 metres long
  • You will not see any tree, plant or most bird species on any other country on earth
  • Be part of this inspirational conservation project in some off the most pristine native forest left standing

The changing views are breath taking as you experience the thrill of flying through changing landscapes from high above unexplored forested valleys, to tight openings through the forest sub canopy, to amongst stands of giant long forgotten trees.

In between the thrill of the ziplines (flying fox), suspended treebridges and the tree platforms let the guides share their passion and knowledge for the local history, the forest and the conservation challenges to preserve it all to bring alive the forest environment you are passing through.

Rotorua Canopy Tours appeals to all ages and is suitable for a wide range of people from children through to grandparents – no experience is required. The tour infrastructure has been built to ensure minimal environmental impact while also delivering unprecedented safety and comfort for all guests.

The Original Canopy Tour

  • You’ll assemble at the Rotorua Canopy Tours headquarters for an introduction, harness fitting and safety briefing.
  • Everyone is transported to the forest on an entertaining short drive from Rotorua.
  • 2 expert guides accompany your group with a maximum of 10 guests for a 3 hour experience.
  • A 400 metre walk through native forest leads to the first launch platform where your guides familiarise you with the forest, birds and history of the area.
  • You’ll experience trail walking, 10 platforms, 6 ziplines (flying fox) and 2 swing bridges mixing thrill and slow paced observation of the forest.
  • Safety is paramount and Rotorua Canopy Tours has passed indpendent safety auditing. Top of the line equipment has been sourced from around the globe and guides are all trained to the highest standards. You play a passive role, your guides take care of all the safety and you are always connected to a safety line.
  • Rotorua Canopy Tours is an all-weather experience – the canopy in wet weather is magical beyond belief and we’ll deck you out to suit the conditions

The Ultimate Canopy Tour

The Ultimate Canopy Tour is higher, longer and more spectacular than the award winning Original Canopy Tour. This journey takes you deeper into untouched New Zealand forest – this experience will show you the New Zealand you came to see.  Not for the faint of heart, this experience is a step up in adventure level and incorporates some incredible new features that will blow you away. Your amazing kiwi guides will lead your small group on a personal and unforgettable adventure.  They are highly trained to keep you safe, make you smile, teach you amazing things and create memories that last you a lifetime.

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