New Zealand

Rotorua Canopy Tours


Soar through the trees and experience New Zealand’s ancient forest in a unique eco-tour experience and an unforgettable zipline adventure. Step into a lost world and come face to face with towering trees and native flora untouched for centuries in one of the most intact native eco-systems you’ll find anywhere in New Zealand.

Journey in small intimate groups with authentic Kiwi guides through this beautiful land the way it once was and hear the inimitable birdsong of New Zealand native birds in in their natural habitat. There are two unique eco-tour experiences to choose from, featuring a network of ziplines, suspended swing bridges, treetop platforms and forest trails, as you journey deep into the ancient forest.

It’s an adventure that puts you at the heart of the forest restoration story, with every ticket purchased contributing to conservation efforts which include reintroducing kiwis back into the forest. Equal parts inspiring, fun and educational, this is a number one ranked outdoor experience in New Zealand.

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