New Zealand

Seal Coast Safari


The tour begins by going up the Brooklyn Hill to a wind turbine where guests can take in the great views of the City, the Cook Strait and the South Island, then travel through the hills of private farmland towards Wellington’s South Coast. 

On this private farmland encounter a number of animals including goats, red deer and ostriches! (They can be shy so this is not guaranteed!).

Once on the coast, the tour drives along the beaches and stops to view (from a distance) the famous Leaning Lighthouse where there is a stop for tea, coffee and a gourmet muffin with the seals.

These three hour safaris run both in the morning and afternoon with the morning safari leaving at 10.00am and the afternoon safari leaving at 1.30pm.

Also offered by Wellington Tours are varying packages to accommodate corporate trips, school trips and family outings and cruise ship passengers.

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